Jim Duensing, Libertarian Candidate for US Congress 1

Quotes from Jim on the issues

Bringing the Terrorists to Justice

Rather than surrendering our freedoms to the terrorists' war, we should achieve victory by unmasking the terrorists and bringing all of those responsible for the 9/11 attacks to justice.

Peace in Iraq

Rather than waging an unnecessary, unpopular, ineffective war in Iraq, we should bring our troops home safe and soon.

Economic Security

Rather than suffering through a credit crunch and housing foreclosures without recourse, we should nationalize the Federal Reserve to 1) Stabilize the Currency, 2) End the Inflation Tax, and 3) Create a Dollar Dividend.

Jim's Opponent

Democrat Shelley Berkley voted for George Bush's War in Iraq. She surrendered our freedom to terrorists and their war by voting for the Patriot Act without having ever read it. And, when the people of New Orleans were in need of relief, Berkley did not even show them the courtesy of showing up for the vote on the Katrina Relief Bill. Instead, while the people of New Orleans suffered, Shelley was having her neck lifted. We need someone with better priorities.

On the other hand, Jim believes in fiscal responsibility and social tolerance. Jim wants to reduce the tax burden for everyone and increase our civil liberties. Especially at this time, it is vital that we not surrender any more freedom to the terrorists. Jim will fight to restore the liberties Shelley Berkley gave away and will fight to end the war in Iraq

Shelley Berkley still supports continuing the failed war in Iraq. Our soldiers have done the impossible job we sent them there to do. It's time to bring them home to their families, not keep them in the middle of a civil war. Jim supports our troops enough to protect them from unnecessary wars.

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